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'RUTHBERRY' Spacejam® by Jamie Greenberg

Extremely limited collectors edition: ‘RUTHBERRY’ Spacejam® designed by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

AVAILABLE FOR LIMITED TIME: Friday May 10, 2019, 12pm PST - Sunday, May 12th Midnight PST

We are donating $5 from every sale to The Ovarian Cancer Circle, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, that is committed to creating an ever-expanding ring of networking, education and support for women of all ages, their extended families and friends who are affected by ovarian cancer.

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Jamie Greenberg has made herself one of Hollywood’s most indispensable makeup artists and is a highly sought after beauty personality. Her work is seen on red carpets, advertisements, and entertainment throughout the year and is often featured in magazine editorials for Allure, Esquire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Uomo Vogue. Some of her most frequent clients include; ; Kaley Cuoco, Rashida Jones, Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Lizzy Caplan, Elisabeth Moss, Jordana Brewster, Joey King, Kristen Stewart, Julie Bowen, Angelique Cabral, Jane Levy, Lauren Graham, Judith Light, Jenna Elfman, Krysten Ritter, Mae Whitman, Whitney Cummings, Busy Phillips, Maya Rudolph, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other amazing women! She engages her audience through her personal blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts on a daily basis. Her unique voice within the industry has made her a frequent guest on Good Day LA (FOX), Good Morning America (ABC), OWN Show, PopSugar and across the beauty blogosphere.

As an artist, Jamie is constantly searching for new inspiration–her influences range from traveling, fashion, music, and health. Eternally excited and ready for new challenges, Jamie brings warmth and vitality to every assignment and enhances each of her clients with her playful and optimistic sense of beauty.

For personal make-up services, she is represented by:

Dana Gardner @ The Wall Group


LH: Whats your first memory using makeup?

JAMIE: When I was six years old my Aunt gave me a makeover on Thanksgiving Day. I absolutely fell in love with the look of the mascara, eyeliner and lipstick she applied on me that day.

LH:  You’re really a pioneer of using Youtube to really educate both makeup artists and every day people. What made you decide to dedicate your time to this platform?

JAMIE: My goal of using social media was to really unite and talk to women and create a portal of discussion. I studied film editing in college and I love story telling. I love connecting with women around the world. 

LH: Your clients always have the most flawless and lifelike skin. Share with us your staple skincare and makeup products you use to achieve these looks. 

JAMIE: Derma flashing is a great way to prep skin before makeup. It removes dead skin and peach fuzz which gives you that coveted "babies bottom” feeling face. I am all about Tatcha dewy mist to give that perfect glow. I also swear by True Botanicals oils, Sisley cream and Natura Bissé Diamond Essence moisturizer. These products are fantastic!

LH: Was becoming a celebrity makeup artist always your goal? If not, what led you to the field?

JAMIE: I studied film and editing in college but discovered that I was a bit too social for that field. Before we moved to LA I got a job at Ulta on a whim which fast-tracked me to moving to LA with them. I then took a job at Bloomingdales which led to my love affair with luxury beauty. I had never thought of specifically working with celebrities. My husband saw an ad on Craigslist for a position with Jillian Dempsey’s makeup line which introduced me to celebrity artistry. Her brand was bought by Avon and they then hired me to be their ambassador. I was with Avon for eight years. Being able to assist huge artists like Pati DuBroff, Stefon Moray, Kristi Coleman and Monika Blunder was super impactful. All these puzzle pieces led me to where I am today!

LH: What advice would you give to aspiring artists that want to work closely with celebrities? 

JAMIE: Be able to read a room, it’s not about you it’s about the client. Be able to keep your mouth shut and not talk about behind the scenes things. You need to have your craft perfected. Be a chameleon! It’s imperative to be confident and genuine.  

LH: How do you make time for yourself between juggling your busy career and your super cute kids? 

JAMIE: Fitness, meditation, a nanny and good husband are SO IMPORTANT! I’m never off the clock. I have learned to function on way less sleep and constantly remind myself that other women have done it before me. There are days that are easier and days when I pull over to the side of the road and cry! 

LH: What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?

JAMIE: I really enjoy being surrounded by creative people that are making really cool things and that the environment I’m in is always changing! I love entertainment and to be able to have conversations with people writing, directing and starring in the entertainment industry is so exciting for me. I get to make them look good. It’s a forum and I’m such a fan so… it’s inspiring to be around that successfully creative energy.  

LH: Who is another artist in the industry you admire and why?

JAMIE: I am really obsessed with Jo Baker. I know her and love her as a person. She’s inspiring me because we get caught in comfort makeup and she’s reminding me to take risks and be more creative. 


LH: What is one of the most important things you have learned in your 10+ years in the industry?

JAMIE: Don’t compare your career to anyone else's. Everyones path is their own. 

LH: What’s a surprising item that lives in your kit that other artists or fans might not know about (and should)? 

JAMIE: I keep an old credit card in my kit at all times to use as a liner stencil and for quick mascara application!

LH: What is your favorite LHLA product and/or look you have created with LHLA?

JAMIE: Houdini is probably my favorite! I recently used it on Mae Whitman and she fell in love as well! 

LH: What inspired “Ruthberry” Spacejam® and why did you choose this specific charity to work with? 

JAMIE: This color looks good on EVERYONE!! It looks like a cranberry geode! When I lost my mom I was looking for a charity in LA to work with and found a woman who had recently lost her daughter and started a network for people effected by ovarian cancer. We helped each other through the pain and have formed such a special bond! This cause is very dear to my heart!