SEDEXXTRIA SPACEJAM® + Sexxtra Naked Glitter™

Don’t be afraid to be yourself– create your own individuality!




FIDEL GONZALEZ is one of the original “muagraphers” to find success mastering both the brush and the lens. Fidel’s natural affinity for creative direction made him curious about his own ability to execute every element of a photo shoot from start to finish. This required his talents to become fluid between makeup artistry, hair styling, photography, fashion styling and nail art.

His unique talent has provided him a rewarding career in the music video, beauty and fashion industries. In 2016 he launched the online submission-based magazine XiOX, giving an opportunity to new artists from around the world the ability to get published and discovered.

Today Fidel can be found all over the globe teaching “The MUAgraphy Effect”. He is currently signed to Photogenics Army Los Angeles for makeup, Lowe Martin Group for Photography, and Look Artist for Photography & Makeup.


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LH: Education is so key in your field of Muagraphy. Is there one piece of advice that you can give to those looking to begin this journey? 

F: Don’t be afraid to be yourself– Create your own individuality!

LH:  What did you fall in love with first: makeup or photography?

F: Makeup 100% — I hated photography LOL!

LH: You’re on so many different angles of the creative process. Is there a role you prefer to fill more than most? 

F: Photography now! It gives me more control to achieve final look in project.

LH: When coming up with a concept what usually is the element that first inspires you?

F: My mood first, then looking at model is when it all comes together.

LH: What makeup and hair products do you swear by that help make a photographer/retouchers life easier?

F: It’s not the products to me! It’s the execution of makeup that matters.

LH: Who are some other artists that you look up to that have found you through XIOX (your magazine) ?

F: There are to many to name and would hate to forget someone!

LH: Where did you first hear of Lhla and what drew you to the brand?

F: Megan (the founder) gave me a sample at one of the makeup shows and instantly fell in love with her and her products.

LH: How did you come up with the name of your Spacejam ‘Sedexxtria’ and What influenced your color palette?

st. jude logo.jpg


St. Jude - Finding Cures, Saving Children.

F: It’s my sisters club name! I wanted Sedexxtria to be universal and play well with a variety of other colors and textures so that way it gives more range and doesn’t just sit in a makeup kit.

LH: Why did you pick St. Jude as your charity? 

F: I chose St. Jude for the simple fact that no child is denied treatment based on a family's ability to pay. It doesn’t get any better than that. ❤️